One of the main streets in downtown Sunnyvale, CA on a cloudy day — Photo by Sund0ryPhotography
One of the main streets in downtown Sunnyvale, CA on a cloudy day — Photo by Sund0ryPhotography

Sunnyvale with it estimated population of 140,000 remains a growing community with high tech companies still moving in. Google which leased 60 acres from Moffett Field, formerly an naval air station is one indication that the city of Sunnyvale is prime Real Estate.

A new deal to purchase 47 acres from Lockheed Martin, with projected plans of building office towers, estimates that the city of Sunnyvale will have the capacity to provide companies moving in space for about 8000 new workers.

The city of Sunnyvale is located mid-peninsula offering a decent commute from San Mateo County as well as South Bay communities.

Along with jobs, the city of Sunnyvale has an 18 park system that practically allows walking distance to a park from every neighborhood. Each park has its own theme and ranges from mini parks all the way to a 177 acre Baylands park.

A tennis center, basketball, swimming and community center along with an 18 hole and 9 hole golf course, keeps active families and individuals interested in the Sunnyvale area.

The city of Sunnyvale has a walkable downtown with open-air dining, shops and entertainment. Thousands can be seen dancing to summer concerts after Sunnyvale’s streets have been blocked off. Top live bands perform at the end of the downtown main street area. Shade trees and food provide a backdrop for relaxation. The turnout grows larger each year.

A Saturday Farmers Market with fresh local fruits and vegetables, along with live music provide a ‘country style’ shopping experience.

Public transit is available with both city street access through the VTA bus system and through CalTrans a rail system taking you either North to San Francisco or South to San Jose for reasonable fees.