Marc & Jennifer Derendinger

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We just sold our family home for 17.5% over the list price and we give Mike Bell all the credit for making this happen.

The smartest thing we did was to let Mike Bell take charge and to follow his suggestions…every single one…exactly. He is a seasoned pro and expertly managed the home sale process, and he is super organized and a master at negotiating.

The second smartest thing we did was to agree to a slightly higher commission rate: I think we paid him a couple of thousand more, but he made me $200,000 over the listing price. That’s a tremendous return on investment, Mike! You are worth 100 times more than the fraction we paid you.

We attribute your success to the multitude of transactions you have shepherded in your career. Nothing beats experience in these types of markets…and we benefited from your experience!

In the end, we learned that selling our home was not about the “list price,” and it’s not about the “commission rate,” although at first we didn’t know and that’s what we focused on: If you want the market to give you the best possible price, then allow your real estate professional to take charge and pay him well. In these times, it’s a wise investment that will pay off handsomely.

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