Our Happy Customers

  • Mike is so personable that I felt we had known each other all our lives as soon as we met.  He stayed that way throughout our professional transaction, the selling of our home.  He sold our home within days of putting it on the market for far more than we had expected.  He did this during the “non-selling” period of the Christmas Season.  During the restrictions Covid.  But he did far more than simply take something of ours and sell it for us for a commission.  Mike, with his wife, took on the hundreds of details necessary for the sale to be processed — and followed through on each and every one.  Mike and his wife did so without mistakes, without issues, without problems, without apologies.  The legal paperwork, the preparation of the house itself and the grounds, the repairs, the upgrades, the staging – all were accomplished without excessive effort or complaint, and below his own stated budget, which was lower than two other prospective realtors.   Mike is honest.  He does what he says he will do, and much, much more.  He is experienced.  He is connected to the trades people.  He is now a trusted friend, valued not just for what he can and did do for us, but for who he is, inside and out.  We recommend him very highly.  Six out of five stars!!

    Loren Plumb, formerly from California
  • Anyone in Santa Clara County wanting to buy or sell a house should contact Mike Bell Realty. He listens to you. He goes over and beyond making sure to get the best deal possible. He is honest to a fault and can be trusted completely. I cannot say enough about his ethics.

    Carolyn Seidel
  • Mike Bell was a godsend for us! As a first-time home owner, preparing to sell our home was a daunting thought, but Mike Bell…!!! Mike met with us during convenient, evening hours. He came well prepared with an attractive, booklet style catalog of pertinent real estate information that included specific, market-related comparisons for our area. With the patience of a saint, Mike answered EVERY question I had, and made appropriate follow-up inquiries and timely responses.

    His vast experience translated into practical suggestions of how to best prepare our home for ultimate “curb appeal” and best market value at the highest sale price. While always open to discussion and dialogue, we chose to execute all of Mike’s suggestions, which rendered the strongly positive result of a well prepared and beautifully presented property! When it came to “go live”—our home hitting the market—the staging, videography and brochures were polished, professional and powerful, as part of the open house process.

    Simply put, Mike made it happen! Going above and beyond, he took personal stock in us and our property, by affirming the seriousness and sentimental value we placed on the process—treating us and our property with respect. With the professionalism and expertise of an amazing real estate agent/broker, Mike made the process of selling our home painlessly well-informed, pleasurable, smooth, successful, celebratory and most of all FUN!!!

    Trustworthy, personable, experienced! We are so thankful for Mike Bell, and strongly recommend him for any real estate transaction!

    Mary Christensen
  • Mike Bell was the best thing about selling my home. He has integrity, experience and a great attitude. Put him to work for YOU!

    Patrick D. Collins
  • Mike made the experience of selling a home an effortless endeavor. He was technically proficient, detail oriented and very responsive. As a result of his excellent leadership qualities and extensive experience in real state, our engagement was swift, profitable and done with complete professionalism. I definitely work with him again and highly recommend his services to everyone.

    Farzad Haghighi
  • Mike did an excellent job selling my house. Staging, photos, marketing were all of the highest quality with a great attention to detail. All paperwork was handled correctly and in a timely fashion. I’m confident that Mike’s work got me the fastest sale and best price possible!

    Steven Dutra
  • We just sold our family home for 17.5% over the list price and we give Mike Bell all the credit for making this happen.

    The smartest thing we did was to let Mike Bell take charge and to follow his suggestions…every single one…exactly. He is a seasoned pro and expertly managed the home sale process, and he is super organized and a master at negotiating.

    The second smartest thing we did was to agree to a slightly higher commission rate: I think we paid him a couple of thousand more, but he made me $200,000 over the listing price. That’s a tremendous return on investment, Mike! You are worth 100 times more than the fraction we paid you.

    We attribute your success to the multitude of transactions you have shepherded in your career. Nothing beats experience in these types of markets…and we benefited from your experience!

    In the end, we learned that selling our home was not about the “list price,” and it’s not about the “commission rate,” although at first we didn’t know and that’s what we focused on: If you want the market to give you the best possible price, then allow your real estate professional to take charge and pay him well. In these times, it’s a wise investment that will pay off handsomely.

    Marc & Jennifer Derendinger
  • My wife and I enjoyed working with Mike to find our home. Mike took the time to understand our needs and helped us focus our search. It is often difficult to find property here in the Bay Area and Mike had many creative suggestions to help us find a home in our target area and price range.

    Mike also worked closely with us during the closing process and helped with all the documentation.

    I would highly recommend working with Mike on your home search.

    Frank & Lisa Ferro
  • I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. I appreciate your concern for my understanding and satisfaction. Despite the rapid pace of this transaction, you ensured a smooth, trouble free transition from both the buyers and sellers positions. You have been very helpful – always willing to answer all of my questions, and I really appreciate all of your patience and time.

    It is a great pleasure, Mike, to deal with nice, professional people such as yourself. Thanks again for everything, and my best to you and yours.

    Tom Whitby
  • Mike Bell is the best and most honest Realtor my wife and I have ever dealt with. He is hardworking, reliable and trustworthy.

    I am convinced that without his assistance we would not be living in the wonderful condominium we have now. He was incredibly patient. For example we had some complex legal issues and financing obstacles to overcome. Mike, in this transaction, represented both buyer and seller. He could have easily left us high and dry. But he stuck with us — making both the buyer and seller happy — a win-win situation.

    Mike makes a difference! I would be happy to speak with anyone about Mike.

    Dr. Kelley Wells
  • Just a note to thank you for your dedicated help to Charlie and me. Selling a house can be so traumatic and in our case, had to be done by long distance. You took on our complications without reservation, smoothed our way at every turn, and resolved the sale of our house with exceptional professionalism.

    Truly, you are the best of the best! Many thanks,

    Mary and Charlie Wetzel
  • Jennifer and I want to tell you how very much we’ve appreciated all your help. As we took our first step towards buying a home, we asked God to help us find just the right Realtor…and He did! Your help through all the complications has been a real blessing.

    Dan and Jennifer Hall
  • As a previously desperate seller, I can tell you that Mike made it happen! He’s a good man who you can trust. I unequivocally recommend Mike as your Realtor.

    Mark Del Secco
  • I would recommend Mike to anyone whom is seeking real estate services. He assisted me in purchasing my first home. He was both knowledgeable and professional, he spent a great deal of time explaining processes and giving me advise. I would use him again and recommend him to friends and family.